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A Maintenance Savings Plan is a plan that guarantees payout when the policy holder is in need of supplemental funds for costly repair.

If you own a home, your heating, air conditioning, electrical systems and plumbing are used daily, and will malfunction with prolonged use. The cost of fixing your heat or air conditioning alone can be several thousand dollars. This plan will pay for, or help to offset the cost of repair or replacement.

  • Your payments contribute to a monthly savings plan
  • You request service for a qualifying repair/ replacement event by contacting us, or any service provider that you trust. Pay the service call fee and relay the findings of the technician to your MSP rep. Funds will be dispersed up to the total in your savings account upon your decision to repair or replace.

Your monthly payment guarantees that you have supplemental funds, and in some cases, the entire amount available for a repair or replacement.

No inspection is needed.

  • Home owners insurance is in place in the case of disaster, like a lightening strike or a home fire.
  • MSP supplements or covers the breakdown of major systems that make your home function comfortably, in the case of normal daily usage.